Spirit Doll

Spirit Doll


Traditional Folkloric Charms, Amulets & Talismans by Cailleach's Cottage


Beautifully hand crafted Spirit Dolls made from oats, dressed in a full length gown and a hooded cloak. These sacred dolls are designed to be used with loving integrity and respect to all.

This gorgeous Spirit Doll has flowing auburn tresses and is dressed in a black felted gown and matching hooded cloak, finished under the chin with a delicate flower carved cream button. She carries a small potion bottle which can be filled with whatever elements you need to personalise your spellwork.


She measures approximately 35cm tall.


~ What is a Spirit Doll for? ~

Traditionally a Spirit Doll was often created to protect a home or a family; to draw good luck towards their owners or were used to aid in divination practices. Others acted as vessels to house a familiar or ancient spirit to work through. 


~ How to use your Spirit Doll ~


When using a Spirit Doll, it's very important ensure it is magically cleansed, to remove any previous energies. The can be done by placing the doll between two lit candles on your altar or sacred space; and cleansing with incense smoke, such as sage. This would also be a perfect time to offer a prayer to a benevolent spirit or ancestor; or to set your intention for its use.


If you decide to invite a spirit into this doll, you can coax or draw one towards it by giving suitable offerings and prayers. Spirits always have free will so you do have to be patient. You could dowse to see if the spirit is within your doll or hold your hands over it and ask the spirit to give you a sign to show it has decided to reside within. Once inhabited, it must always be treated with respect and care.


From that moment on, a reciprocal relationship will develop. It can give you both help and guidance in exchange for you showing respect and by giving regular offerings and prayers. The spirit may decide to leave at any time, but if treated with proper respect, could become a life-long ally.


*** Each item is handmade and completely unique so please allow for natural variations ***