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Magickal Links...

Here are some of the amazing people whose magickal crafts, products, services and talents we are proud to recommend to you, our valued customers and friends.


Cailleach's Cottage, aka the multi talented and altogether lovely Melanie Lorien are based in the beautiful Slieve Aughty Mountains of Co Clare. A gifted and natural Tarot Card Reader for nearly 50 years, Melanie's services also cover Remote Dowsing and House Clearing.

Cailleach's Cottage Tarot Card Readings


A new quarterly subscription magazine for the Irish Pagan Community, written by and for people on the island of Ireland and its diaspora. 

PAGAN IRELAND aims to be representative of all Pagan paths: Druidism, Witchcraft, Asatru, Shamanism,  all earth-based spirituality and environmentalism. 

Pagan Ireland Magazine Subscription


This is my own jewellery label, which I started in Australia back in 2012. My focus is on creating pieces for self empowerment, personal healing and spiritual growth with a very feminine, bohemian and often shamanic aesthetic.


Reawaken, rewild and reconnect with your ancient lands through the restoration of ancestral life ways in Ireland. Lucy O'Hagan teaches the old ways of forest schools, ethnobotany and ancestral skills. Her bi-annual publication Airmid's Journal, further promotes our cultural history of myths, folklore, magic & remedies.

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