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Green on the Inside too

The Woodsman's Realm is not just green on the outside... we are deeply committed to running our business in as ethical and environmentally conscious way as possible. 


      Our till is paper free, providing fully detailed digital receipts sent to a phone number or email address

Our beautiful gift wrapping is made from recycled materials and is fully recyclable too.

      Same goes for all our packaging for online orders; we re-use absolutely everything from boxes to fillers to envelopes.


      Our shop runs on 100% green electricity, with energy efficient LED lighting throughout.


      Any leftover food, teabags etc are taken home and composted.


      We even make our own hand sanitiser from Vodka, Aloe Vera and Essential Oils... almost good enough to drink :) 


Our shop was created in an ancient and sacred place; and our intention is to honour the purity of that energy by maintaining a beautiful and healing space for all who visit.