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The Woodsman's Realm Story

The Woodsman's Realm is the loving creation and collaboration between myself Marie Pedroz and my partner Craig Ozric. We're both creators also ... Craig has been making beautiful bespoke Sacred Wood Crafts for many years and I have a well established esoteric jewellery business under my label of Hummingbird Jewellery.


After many years involved with the West Cork arts and crafts scene, we both began to feel a yearning to open a magical shop of our own. Finally on Winter Solstice 2019, we visited a fairy fort where we have woven many things before; and seeded the idea of our shop in that sacred place. All things flowed from that day and in early March 2020, we picked up the keys to our shop. Little did we know of the events that would unfold in 2020... but even if we did, we still would have gone ahead as we both felt the timing was just right for this shop to open.


The Woodsman's Realm is so named after the legend of Herne the Hunter, keeper of the wild woods and protector of the land. Our ethos is that all the things we sell honour the ways of nature and empower a deeper connection to our Gods and Goddesses of old. As such our shop is filled with amazing hand crafted treasures; both local and from all over Northern Europe, Scandinavia and the Baltic States. 


We are dedicated to providing a base for Pagans, Celts, Wiccans, Witches, Druids, Vikings to connect with. We offer everything from Altar supplies to Viking drinking horns; Medieval leather ware to Shamanic journeying oils; Mystical art to Esoteric books; Healing jewellery to Sacred wood crafts. Our online shop is an extension of our physical shop; where we provide a warm, friendly, professional service to all our customers. If there is something you are searching for; we will do our very best to find it for you.

Our original opening date was planned for the 8th April... on a very auspicious full moon and co-incidentally, our 2nd anniversary. But the world had other ideas, and a two month lockdown stood in the way. We spent that time well, slowly building the energy in our shop; painting, decorating, working on creative displays and getting to grips with the realms of social media. The word began to spread. 


On Beltaine, we decided to unveil our window; to present our shop to the world, our friends and our town. Even though we weren't able to open our doors yet, the act of unveiling felt like we had officially begun. And five weeks later on the 8th June, we did.


Please be welcomed into our magical realm. We warmly invite you to step inside and explore the many treasures we have to offer...

~ Beltaine 2021 ~

So here we are, one year on from our original unveiling of the shop window last Beltaine. In the last 12 months, we have contended with three lockdowns, one flood and the sale of the shop premises to a new landlord; thank the gods, a lovely man. 

In the past four months of lockdown, Craig and I have focussed on our displays and stock; re-inventing, improving, updating and creating to fully embellish our sacred realm with greater depth and energy. Some lovely new stockists have joined us, we have a fabulous new Enchanted Forest mural and a stunning Horned God figure to welcome you into our shop.

At this stage, we are very much looking forward to our grand re-opening on May 17th. We warmly invite you to drop in, share a glass of mead with us and celebrate 🧡


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