Welsh Fan

Welsh Fan


The Welsh Fan is a Traditional House Blessing, origination from the border counties between Wales and England; as such, it has many variations. In some areas this is also known as a ‘Fern Leaf, according to M. Lambeth, in her classic book ‘The Golden Dolly’’.


It is also traditionally seen as a symbol of the Harvest. Once the corn was cut in the fields, many believed The spirit of the corn had no where else to hide, especially when facing the cold and harsh winter months to come. So, harvest emblem such as this Welsh Fan, would have been made as a place to house, or trap its wandering spirit. Once safely within the Welsh Fan, it would be kept safe over winter in the house, bringing its abundant blessings to everyone that lived within the homes. 


*** Each item is handmade and completely unique so please allow for natural variations ***

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