Viking Drinking Horn

Viking Drinking Horn

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Drinking horn of the Teutons and Vikings made from real horn in a choice of three sizes with a capacity of 0.3 l to 0.6 l


A small methorn is the right size for a small glass of beer. A medium methorn is the right size for a small beer with the foam on. A large methorn is the right size for half a litre of beer with foam for a hearty evening around the campfire.


Drinking horns like this one are made from real cattle horn and are of high quality so that the elaborately polished surface of the drinking horn brings out the natural drawing of the horn particularly well. 


A methorn is simply a stylish companion for historical clothing in Viking and medieval re-enactments. The inside of the drinking horn is sealed with a food-safe varnish for carefree drinking pleasure. 

The drinking horns sit perfectly on a table or flat surface in these drinking horn holders sold separately:

Alternatively you can hang a medium sized horn on your belt with one of these traditional lace up leather horn holders: 



  • Drinking Horn Specifics

    Each drinking horn is completely unique and as such, we always have a variety of different colours and shapes in stock. Please do message us if you would like to see a photo of our current stock so you can choose exactly which one you would like :)