Pure Magic Oracle by Andres Engracia

Pure Magic Oracle by Andres Engracia


Cards for strength, courage and clarity


Discover the healing power of the elements as they guide you through life's journey of experiences.


Inspired by The Big Book of Practical Spells by Judika Illes, this stunning oracle captures the essence of the sacred elements in an array of visual delight. It will guide you on a journey of healing power, help you reconnect with nature and spirit and enable you to recover the power of earth-based spirituality.


Pure Magic Oracle was created to support change, freedom and expression of humanity. Draw on the cards within for strength, courage and clarity, so you can navigate your life through the wisdom and lessons of the elemental forces and nurture your soul’s power with spiritual and psychic maturity. Let nature be the compass that guides you back home to your truest self again and again.