Damascus Steel Neck Knife

Damascus Steel Neck Knife


This is a beautifully crafted Medieval neck knife, created from real Damascus steel with 256 layers; and is based on a historical model 


Forged from a single piece of Damascus steel, it is sharply ground with a hardness of 58 to 60 HCR Rockwell. 


It comes complete with a hand made leather sheath and an adjustable leather strap; with which you can hang the neck knife around your neck.



Total length 11 cm, blade 7 cm, blade width 3 cm.


The neck knife is forged from two different types of steel. On the one hand made of AISI 4340, which is a hard quenched and tempered steel with a low carbon content, which in addition to nickel and chromium also contains molybdenum and is extremely tough. On the other hand, made of 15N20 , which is a nickel-containing steel with good properties and which, when used in Damascus steel, creates beautiful light areas and elegant contrasts. If both types of steel are forged together into one knife, the result is that expressive Damascus steel full of character.