Wild Spirits Calling - by NomeArt

Wild Spirits Calling - by NomeArt


A4 Giclee Art Print on 16 x 12 inch Mounted Board by Nomeart

Animal Spirits Collection


I wanted this piece to represent this beautiful dance of life, death and rebirth of nature, forever inspiring awe and humility. In the distance in the middle of the river is great grandfather Oak connecting above and below and all around, a grand life giver. Crow and owl connect us to those across the veil and remind us to honour our loved and lost. 


In the middle of the pool is his majesty, the heart of our forests, moorlands and all wild places, stag in all his glory, crowned with the leaves of the royal Oak. In the foreground are two branches from a grove of oak trees growing near Hound Tor, reaching out blanketed in moss carrying a myriad of plants and animals. Oak is the most supreme example of one species supporting whole eco systems and also reminds us that the little ones are just as important as the grand giants. The beetle, the butterfly, the gnat, snail, mouse and vole all play their own crucial role in maintaining healthy biodiverse eco systems. 


So I welcome you to go exploring in this picture and follow my steps among the woodlands of Dartmoor and hope it helps you ground and connect with nature. I invite you to listen to the wild spirits calling and be tree shepherds of our world.