Warrior Necklace

Warrior Necklace


Red Tiger's Eye, Black Onyx & Golden Sheen Obsidian Necklace with Viking Rune Pendant by Hummingbird Jewellery


This is a strong, vital, high energy necklace with a powerful combination of stones and Viking Rune symbols. I've named this one 'The Warrior' as the crystals and Runes I've selected will empower and strengthen ones resolve to face anything.


The crystal beads I've used are Red Tiger's eye for power, passion, drive, masculine energy and courage; Black Onyx for steadfastness, strength and stamina; and Golden Sheen Obsidian for protection, hope and balanced energy. These stones alone will feel like putting on a suit of armour!


I've carefully stamped three Runes of power onto the arrowhead shaped soft Pewter pendant: Algiz, Tiwaz and Uruz. Algiz is protection, shelter, inner power; Tiwaz is victory in battle, justice, honour, warrior; Uruz represents the strength of an ox, stamina, vitality and health. 


Wear this piece and feel the strength emanating from it as the crystals and Runes will work together creating a mighty talisman of personal empowerment.


Metaphysical Properties: Strength; Victory; Steadfastness; Power; Courage


Hand made with love and care in West Cork, Ireland in October 2020


*A Word About Gift Wrapping*


I carefully gift wrap each order before I send it out. Each piece of jewellery is first placed into an organza or velvet bag containing a personalised hand written small card addressed to the recipient. This I then wrap in white tissue paper, tied together with a pretty ribbon, and will often include a sprig of dried flowers or a tiny crystal. 


Even if you’re buying for yourself… how nice is it to receive a beautifully wrapped gift! 


All gift wrapping is included in the price :)