Viking Birka Leather Pouch

Viking Birka Leather Pouch


Birka bag - a bag from a find from the Viking settlement Birka with fittings.


The beautifully crafted Birka bag made of supple Nubuck leather is based on the historical find of a bag from the Viking settlement Birka in the Swedish lake Mälaren.


Particularly noteworthy are the elaborate fittings of the birch pocket. They are based on the historical original from the 9th and 10th centuries. 


The model for the central fitting of the bag is based on a Swedish find from Ås. Very similar fittings are also known from Birka. 


The Birka bag with fittings is made of supple cowhide and is a very successful interpretation of the original Birka bag, which probably belonged to a Magyar or Swedish long-distance trader. It has the dimensions 18 x 23 cm. 


Available in black leather with silver coloured fittings or in brown leather with brass coloured fittings.