Third Eye Chai Tea by Tarn + Moon

Third Eye Chai Tea by Tarn + Moon


Third Eye Chai is our incredible caffeine free Chai that is filled with a powerful blend of herbs, plants and spices. 


This wonderful tea has been sipped in India for centuries, helping people maintain good health and wellbeing. In India the spices are slowly heated with sweetened milk but our chai has been designed to taste amazing all by itself, but it can be heated though with a milk of choice and sweetened with maple or honey too for an extra luxurious drink.


The ingredients separately have a wealth of health benefits but together they act synergistically to heal and support the body’s needs.Our chai is based on recipes from many regions of India, with a sprinkle of our own Yorkshire plant magic.


We have blended 17 organic ingredients into our spicy Chai, so it’s bursting with layers of flavour. So pull up a cosy chair by the fire and sip on this amazing tea, let its warming heat build inside, and flow all the way through your body, leaving a wonderful spicy flavour lingering in your mouth.


Organic ingredients 


Tulsi (Holy Basil) , Raw Cacao husk, Real Cinnamon bark, Hemp leaf, Fennel seeds, Blue mallow flowers, Wild Nettle, Rooibos, Ginger Root chunks, Turmeric root slices, Crushed Black pepper, Cloves, Star anise, Orange zest, Rose Petals + Hand Grated Nutmeg.