Sweet Baba Yaga Tea by Tarn + Moon

Sweet Baba Yaga Tea by Tarn + Moon


Our first blend of spices and real fermented Pu - Erh Black tea makes this slow release, slightly caffeinated, brew a bit special.


Russian Folk-lore tells of a fearsome and dangerous witch who lived in a chicken legged hut in the forest.


Baba Yaga….


Those who would seek out advice she would either help or gobble up!


She had power over flora and fauna of the forest and flew around in a mortar, using her pestle to steer and a brush to hide her tracks.


”Hut, oh hut, turn your back on the forest and face me”


Will Baba Yaga treat you with a cup of sweet forest tea and her best advice or will she just cook you in her oven?


This health promoting fermented tea is inspired by the earthy sweet aromas of Baba Yagas Russian tree filled forest in cold Russia.


Just as good cold brewed and iced as steaming hot with a biscuit.


100 % Organic ingredients


Pu-Erh fermented black tea, Sweet orange peel, Star anise and Real Ceylon cinnamon bark.