Sheela Na Gig - by NomeArt

Sheela Na Gig - by NomeArt


A4 Giclee Art Print on 16 x 12 inch Mounted Board by Nomeart

Old Gods Collection


Birthing Shaman – Sheela na Gig, a labour of love and life.


This strong, wild woman gives birth in nature, connecting above and below, the labyrinth on her fertile belly. She holds the sprouting seed from the mighty Oak while cradled in the boughs of grandmother Hawthorn. 


She is blessed with the vigour of the maiden, the love of the mother and the endurance of the crone. She is woman deep in her labours, a creature of instinct and intuition. Gaia, mother of all the ancestors, deliverer of new life and holder of ancient secrets. Sheela na Gig, blessed one to all mothers, lays at her feet, the birthing stone to ease mother and child safely through. 


So the circle closes and begins again.