Cornucopia | Horn of Plenty

Cornucopia | Horn of Plenty

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Traditional Folkloric Charms, Amulets & Talismans by Cailleach's Cottage

The Cornucopia or Horn of Plenty draws abundance and prosperity into your home. It was traditional to hang this powerful symbol within your home, to draw abundance and plenty into your life. In many places it was particularly hung in the larder, so that the family or their livestock would never hunger.


This Cornucopia can be left empty, or filled with wheat, oats, poppy heads and lavender, or plants of your choice, as long as they are suitable for this design.


It can also be sent to someone as a gift without any filling, so that they can complete it themselves, to draw abundance towards them. 

*** Each item is handmade and completely unique so please allow for natural variations ***