By Oak, Ash and Thorn by Deanna J. Conway

By Oak, Ash and Thorn by Deanna J. Conway


Modern Celtic Shamanism


Shamanism begins as a personal revelation and inner healing, then evolves into a striving for balance and healing into the Earth itself. Many spiritual seekers are interested in shamanism because it is a spiritual path that can be followed in conjunction with any religion or other spiritual belief without conflict. Shamanism has not only been practised by Native Americans and African cultures - for centuries, it was practised by the Europeans, including the Celts.


This text presents a workable, modern form of Celtic shamanism that should help raise the reader's spiritual awareness. The book offers specific exercises and techniques to develop spiritual awareness and ties with the natural world: shape-shifting; divination by the Celtic Ogham alphabet; Celtic shamanic tools; travelling to and using magick in the three realms of the Celtic otherworlds; empowering the self; and journeying through meditation.

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