Otter - by NomeArt

Otter - by NomeArt


A4 Giclee Art Print on 16 x 12 inch Mounted Board by Nomeart
Animal Spirits Collection

As an aquatic animal, the otter is closely connected with the element of Water and thus Otters are often seen to embody creativity, fluidity and healing. Although Otter lives primarily In water, it also plays on land and is thus also connected to the element of Earth. 


As with other animals like newts, frogs and seals, this dual aspect talks to us of adaptability and transitioning. However most importantly for me Otter symbolises the ability to connect to my inner child and play – to find love and laughter in our lives, balancing out more solemn or serious aspects of life.


In some Celtic tribes the humour in Otter along with its magical connections to earth and water are both celebrated and revered. In Ireland Otter is sacred to Manannan mac Lir, the sea god and in Wales to Cerridwen the great Mother Goddess. Some of the nicknames for Otter in Celtic tradition include brown dog and water dog, implying faithfulness and unyielding love.


To Otter I ask, guide me to my inner child and remind me to laugh and play

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