Kuku Mint Cacao Tea by Tarn + Moon

Kuku Mint Cacao Tea by Tarn + Moon


2,500 years ago, cacao was cultivated by Mayas, it was called Kuku in the Mayan language which means “Above Sacred”.


Cacao, aka “the drink of the gods” is bursting with endless health benefits and the cacao husks in this blend have been carefully wild harvested, making them extra special.


Tregothan grown chocolate mint leaves, sweet star anise, energy boosting rooibos and warming ginger root chunks have been combined with the cacao husks to create a chocolatey but refreshing mint tea that opens the airwaves, re-energise + awakens the mind.


This blend has been mixed with Cornwall’s Tregothan Estate grown extra minty Chocolate mint leaves. We added some Star anise for a sweet twist, a pinch of Rooibos for energy and warming real Ginger root chunks, who doesn’t like a spicy choco finish!.


This chocolatey Minty tea really helps to clear our minds and gets us focused for the day ahead, all we ask is that you don’t burn the delicate mint leaves, a drop of cold water first or boil the kettle and allow to cool a bit or if you have a temperature kettle 80° is the ultimate temperature. 


We like to use it for settling upset tummies and for drinking after a big meal, it has also been child approved. Ours absolutely love it.


ingredients - organic wild harvested Cacao husks, organic Tregothnan chocolate mint, organic rooibos, organic ginger root and organic star anise.


Please check with your doctor if you are on medication, breastfeeding, pregnant or unwell before drinking any herbal tea.