Kitchen Witch

Kitchen Witch


Traditional Folkloric Charms, Amulets & Talismans by Cailleach's Cottage


A Kitchen Witch is a traditional good luck charm that defends and protects your home from harm; as well as inspiring creativity within the kitchen. Given as a gift, she brings luck both to the giver and the new owner!


A Kitchen Witch's other duties were to avert kitchen disasters; such as burnt food or cakes, spilled sauces or sudden overbooking pots. 


Why the Kitchen? Perhaps because a kitchen is seen as the heart of a home; where food was lovingly prepared to nourish family and friends. Also, homemade poultices, salves and other remedies were brewed and crated. The presence of a Kitchen Witch would imbue these healing properties with extra potency!


Approximate size 30cm long


Comes in a choice of black haired with a green cloak; or purple haired with a vibrant purple cloak


*** Each item is handmade and completely unique so please allow for natural variations ***