Healing Ancestors - by NomeArt

Healing Ancestors - by NomeArt


A4 Giclee Art Print on 16 x 12 inch Mounted Board by Nomeart

Healing Spirits Collection


Healing Ancestors – blood, bones and stones.


The rocks beneath our feet whisper the wisdom of the ancestors, the rivers babble of old medicine and the trees sing of land magick. This image teaches us to learn the lessons of the past, so we can see hope for the future, but most importantly that we must always treasure what we have right now! 


The image contains various symbols of spring and new growth, including Bluebells and Snowdrops . There is Lavender for healing and peace. Father oak stands strong and steadfast, while mother Hawthorn holds and heals. The fairie sleeping, nestled in a bed of moss, ferns and lichen represents our future, ready to awaken full of hope and possibilities. While the crone watches over her, the many lives lived and lost overtime etched in every line of her face, yet her love is endless and deep as she protects and supports all the young life around her.


As we fall into this piece and wander along the pathways, seek out the details in branches, tail feathers and whiskers. As we climb to the top of the rocks and look across the hills and valleys of our ancestors. As we sit in contemplation on grassy knolls surrounded by Heather and Gorse… allow the soul out to dance and rejoice as we are alive now, in this time and place, and that is a most magical and wonderful thing!