Germanic Finger Knife

Germanic Finger Knife


Forged miniature knife made of carbon steel. A perfectly shaped finger knife based on historical models from the Germanic Iron Age, masterfully forged from a single piece.


The term finger knife is explained by the fact that to handle this miniature knife you just put your index finger through the handle instead of gripping the whole knife handle with your hand - so it can be used for delicate work. 


The Germanic finger knife from the Iron Age is sharpened and comes with a leather sheath and leather cord . The hardness of the knife is 54 to 56 HCR Rockwell. 


With the adjustable leather strap you can carry the finger knife securely in the sheath around your neck and have it at hand at all times. 



Total length 8 cm,  cutting edge 5 cm,  width 3 cm.

*** Minimum age of purchaser to be 18 years. The Woodsman's Realm assumes no liability for any unlawful sale***