Full Moon Tea by Tarn + Moon

Full Moon Tea by Tarn + Moon


Full moons are nourishing, they receive the full light of the sun and shine it back to us, illuminating all we have achieved from the first planting of our ideas and desires during the dark moon stage. We have been busy growing since then, while the moon has been busy waxing. Now it’s finally time to harvest, reflect and give thanks for what has finally come into fruition.


So take a flask or a cup of this tea outside, plant your feet in the earth and sip it under the magic of a full moon and feel her bright blessings. We imagined what a full moon beam would taste like, we felt it would be pure, cool, and invigorating. We also wanted this blend to help you to feel dreamy and for it to nourish you after all your hard work.


This tea is opposite but still connected to, its shadow tea twin our Dark Moon tea blend.


The apple mint from Tregothnan tea estate has little silver + fluffy leafs, this reminded me of the silver of a full and misty moon and gave me the base I was looking for, I also love using organic Uk grown plants and this sweet apple beauty has been grown in the lush earth of Cornwall. 


I added a stir of witchy love too in the form of real cinnamon bark and fragrant bay leafs, used and loved by witches for their ability to help give a spiritual boost, create success, protect, cleanse and help you communicate to other realms. 


We have chosen bright and light herbs that work so well together finished with a sprinkle of rose petals to help you call in some self love. This tea is refreshing, renewing, sweet with a fresh minty after taste.


Organic ingredients, Cornish Apple Mint, Bay leafs, Rosemary, Real Cinnamon Bark, Pine needles, Mugwort, Nettle and Red Rose Petals. 


Do NOT drink if pregnant due to the mugwort.