Druid's Knife

Druid's Knife


This beautiful knife in the shape of a sickle is inspired by the Celtic Druids and forged entirely by hand from a single piece of carbon steel. 


The Celtic druids of prehistoric times were known to separate mistletoe and medicinal herbs with golden sickles in the holy forests in the moonlight . The Celtic sickles were the inspiration for the design of our Druid's knife. 


In contrast to the sickle, where the inside is sharpened, the blade of the druid knife is on the outside. 


The forged druid knife simply impresses with its elegantly curved shape and the handle that is skilfully rolled up into a spiral.


The contrast between the shiny, polished, reflective blade and the matt black, forged handle gives the Druid's knife a peculiar tension that underlines the dualism between black and white, day and night, good and bad. 


The hand-forged druid knife is delivered complete with a brown leather sheath and sharpened , so that it is ideal for cutting herbs and plants, but also suitable for use in the kitchen and everyday storage. The hardness of the knife is 54 to 56 HCR Rockwell. 


Knife - size: 15 x 3 x 1 cm, blade length: 8 cm.