Crescent Moon

Crescent Moon

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Traditional Folkloric Charms, Amulets & Talismans by Cailleach's Cottage


This Crescent Moon symbolises the first and last quarters of the moon's cycle. The Moon is a powerful symbol; seen as feminine in nature and represents our emotional needs as well as the link between our conscious and unconscious minds.


The Crescent Moon can be hung facing either way to work with both the waxing and waning moons within each lunar cycle. 


Hung with the points facing to the right, it echoes the waxing moon. A good time to focus on a new project; sowing the seeds of intention and allowing them time to germinate and take root. Magically this is the time to attract new things or a new love into your life.


Hung with the points facing to the left, it echoes the waning moon. 

This is the time to banish or eliminate what is no longer needed in your life. Magically this is a perfect time to work on cleansing rituals to remove negative energy or simply physical clutter from your environment.


There are three sizes to choose from:

Small ~ approximately 12cm high

Medium ~ approximately 14cm high

Large ~ approximately 16cm high



*** Each item is handmade and completely unique so please allow for natural variations ***