White & Black Divine Feminine Tarot Deck

White & Black Divine Feminine Tarot Deck


Diurnal Version of the DFem Tarot Deck


The DFEM Tarot Deck is CoCorrina's first and long-expected tarot deck, created in their unique cosmic goddess style. Celebrating women; this deck features only female figures. 


With the full 78 Major and Minor Arcana deck, the cards are beautifully presented in a lidded box with a wax seal; carefully wrapped in tissue paper and ribbon and include a  booklet explaining all the card meanings. 


The cards themselves have a luscious silky finish, are beautifully light and easy to handle and are embellished with CoCorrina's signature feminine, luxurious finish.


~ Specifications ~

78 Cards (Major & Minor Arcana)

Black Edges

Paper Quality: 320gsm Superluxe

Size: 7x12cm - 2.75" x 4.75"

2 Part Rigid Box 

A Divine Feminine Tarot Guidebook is included

Hand-painted acrylic artwork on the backs of the cards.