The Artisans Journey ~ Crystal & Rune Mala

The Artisans Journey ~ Crystal & Rune Mala


The Artisan's Journey by Hummingbird Jewellery


This journey piece is one of a brand new collection of shamanic Crystal and Rune Malas that I've been working on since the start of the year. Each one represents an archetype or aspect of our human character that we have embodied or will embody at one or more times during our lives.


The Artisan's Journey has been created especially for weavers of creativity; be they artists, crafts folk, smiths, poets, storytellers or bards. A gifted artisan can enchant, delight, inspire and bewitch their audience; taking them on a magical journey. This piece will help keep the creative energy free and flowing


I have chosen Apatite, Turquoise and Red Garnet crystal beads for inspiration, creativity, enhanced energy flow, self confidence and personal power. Each of these crystals is paired with a Rune which I have stamped into the pewter pendant. These Runes work in tandem with the stones, powering them up and amplifying their qualities.


I've selected Ansuz, Kenaz and Inguz to match these crystals... representing inspiration & self expression; transformation & enlightenment; creativity & growth


This is a potent and powerful talisman to be used for personal spiritual work; sacred ceremony, deep connection, visioning and dream work. Please keep it in a sacred space such as an altar or wrapped in a velvet cloth when not in use.


The total length of this journey piece from end to end is 76cm with the pendant measuring 4cm long x 1cm wide. The beads are 6mm in diameter and are strung on waxed cotton cord; individually hand knotted between each bead. 


Metaphysical Properties ~ Creativity; Self Expression; Energy Flow; Inspiration; Self Confidence