The Art of Witch by Fiona Horne

The Art of Witch by Fiona Horne


The Art of Witch moves beyond bells, whistles, tools and potions, and enters a new era of spiritual mastery for the modern age.


Fiona Horne bypasses the old-school rules and traditions and shows you how to learn and grow with the times. This is the guide for the structure-less, and rule book for the revolutionaries. New ways are embraced with the old; what it really means to be a modern Witch is revealed; how to practice authentic Witchcraft now to live a deeply fulfilled life is explained.


The Art of Witch is a manifesto – a code of ethics and principles – partnered with revealing real-life anecdotes explaining how to anchor the magickal theory in everyday life.

- Live your most magickal life

- Master the art of true transformation

- Perfect the craft of Witches’ resilience

- Know the Witch you are

- Trust the magick inside you.

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