Priestess Organic Perfumed Oil by Stag + Seer

Priestess Organic Perfumed Oil by Stag + Seer


Rosy, sensual, sweet + rich.


PRIESTESS is a sensuous blend, invoking feelings of love, passion + self power.


Created to help connect the wearer to their empowered Feminine self + relearn the art of unconditional self love. Transcend the confines + limitations ingrained by distorted narratives + find harmony between the rational + intuitive mind. May this oil invoke the ancient truth that has been long forgotten, the full embodiment of the Divine Feminine.


This sacred oil also contains Rose petals. This aphrodisiac scented flower represents all aspects of the Goddess, of divine love, romance, self-love, healing, fertility + attraction. 


Also within, Rose Quartz. A crystal of gentle feminine energy, of unconditional love, healing, tenderness + peace. Rose Quartz is connected to the heart chakra, helping reawaken ones self to their own innate love, dissolving fears + emotional wounding.


Comes in a 10ml glass roller bottle</