Nordic Rune Decoration ~ Protection | Strength | Justice | Success

Nordic Rune Decoration ~ Protection | Strength | Justice | Success


A long hanging Nordic style decoration consisting of four individual Viking Rune discs with the fifth disc being a Bind Rune of all the others. Binding Runes is an ancient tradition to add power and to amplify the individual qualities of each Rune; creating a talisman greater than the sum of its parts.


The decoration has been hand made with a small log slice, twigs and hemp twine; with the Runes of power burnt into them. They are perfect for hanging in your window or above your sacred space


The Runes used in this hanging are:


~ Algiz: the Rune of Protection. Literally representing the antlers of a Stag or Elk this rune provides safe refuge, peace and protection against evil


~ Uruz: the Rune of Strength. Uruz meaning Wild Ox or Auroch symbolises raw strength, physical health, courage, endurance and survival


~ Tiwaz: the Sky God or the Rune of the Warrior. Named after the Norse God of War Tyr; this rune symbolises justice, honour, leadership and bravery


~ Sowilo: the Sun Rune. This powerful rune represents success, positivity, vitality, warmth, fertility and life!


Approximate measurements: diameter of each disc 8cm, overall length 58cm