Myrddin - by NomeArt

Myrddin - by NomeArt

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A4 Giclee Art Print on 16 x 12 inch Mounted Board by Nomeart

The Old Gods Collection

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- Mounted print on a 16 x 12 inch mounted board
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Myrddin/ Merlin, madman or mage? The wild man of the woods, Myrddin fled into the forest, lived with the animals and received the gift of prophecy. He is the madman of the woods cursed with the knowledge of the fates of men. 


Merlin is advisor and teacher of great men, he carries the wisdom of the mage. Madness and wisdom, two sides of the same coin. This is the lesson I learned when I met a madman in a faerie wood.


This meeting occurred at Whistmans Wood on Dartmoor during a group event with other magical women. We were connecting with the Tree Spirits, and during this journey I met this most amazing being. He is my Shaman, wise mage and mad wild man, this is my account of the meeting...


One day I met a madman in a faerie wood,

he smiled as he sat in the crook of the tree, 

Surrounded by the spirits of land, air and sea.

The animals they whisper their secrets to him,

the knowledge of eons to echo within.


I asked him why he came to be in the wood? 

His reply was said with a giggle of glee

“I live in the wild to find madness you see,

Only with madness can one know the wisdom of trees.”


He invited for me to sit with him more

but I knew like a dash of rain on my face

If I were to step in the land of dragons that day,

I would never return again to this place.

So in wisdom if not regret

I turned my face to the tree and breathed,

“I promise another day to dance in madness with thee.”