Leather Wallet

Leather Wallet


Rustic leather wallet with tobacco compartment.


This practical wallet is made of a supple and very robust fat Nubuck leather in the "used vintage style" and has a practical hatchet pocket for quick access. 


The wallet comes with three large sections for banknotes, identity card and papers etc. In addition there is a coin pocket with snap closure, plus three compartments for credit cards. It will also accommodate a couple of  pens. 


Ingeniously, this wallet is also ideal as a tobacco pouch so that you can carry rolling tobacco with a lighter and filters as well as credit cards and change with you. In addition to a pen, the pen compartment can also hold papers. 


The tobacco wallet is 15.5 x 9 x 1 cm in size and therefore suitable for smaller, commercially available tobacco packs. 


With the practical hatchet pocket lock , the purse can be opened and closed with ease . 


The tobacco wallet is available in brown or black leather.