Leather Tobacco Pouch

Leather Tobacco Pouch


Rustic tobacco pouch with toggle closure made of horn.


This great tobacco pouch is made of a supple and robust fat Nubuck leather in the "used vintage style" and is provided with a practical toggle fastener for quick access. 


The interior of the tobacco pouch is 18 x 15 cm and is therefore suitable for large and small rolling tobacco packs. 


In addition to the large compartment for tobacco, the tobacco pouch has two other, smaller compartments for filters and lighter or matches and has a double slot in which the papers can be stored. 


Alternatively or partially, the tobacco pouch can also be used as a wallet They are used in this function and are particularly suitable as stylish equipment in LARP or medieval reenactments. 


With the practical toggle closure made of water buffalo horn, the tobacco pouch can be opened and closed with ease. 


The dimensions of the tobacco pouch are 17 x 9 x 0.8 cm. 


The tobacco pouch is available in brown or black leather.