Lady's Knife

Lady's Knife


This delicate knife for the Germanic women's garb of the Iron Age has an elegantly twisted handle and is artfully forged by hand from a single piece of carbon steel.


The knife is based on Germanic original finds from the Iron Age and is an ideal complement to the female garb in Larp and Germanic re-enactment. 


Such knives are often assigned to the Viking era and are sometimes referred to as Viking knives . This is not historically correct, as such knives do not actually appear in the finds from the Viking Age - they date around 1000 years earlier! However, this does not detract from the beautiful shape and the practical value.


The Germanic women's knife is delivered with a leather sheath and is sharpened. 

The hardness of the knife is 52 HCR Rockwell.


Dimensions: knife length 20 cm, blade: 10 x 2.5 cm.