Immunity Herbal Tincture by Stag + Seer

Immunity Herbal Tincture by Stag + Seer


>> Antiviral, immune system boosting drops <<


To help relieve cold + flu symptoms, or just to bolster immunity.


+ Directions +

1-2 droppers full. 2 x daily. Under tongue or in water/juice. Do not use if pregnant, nursing on medication or under the influence of alcohol.


>>> Each tincture is charged with Celtic Reiki in an Amethyst + Clear Quartz Flower of Life crystal grid. Amethyst is thought to help open the third eye + be a connector to ones intuition. It's also associated with calm + wellbeing. The Flower of Life is a form of Sacred Geometry that emanates calm, peace + harmony. Sacred Geometry is essentially consciousness in form, patterns which are visible to those with the second sight <<<

+ Ingredients +


>> SCOTTISH CHAGA (Inonotus obliquus) Double extraction.

Is a very slow growing fungus found primarily on birch trees. As an adaptogen, Chaga has the ability to bring the body back into balance assisting in the alleviation of stress, burnout + staying healthy during cold + flu season. With a strong immune strengthening influence on the body, a source of over 200 phytonutrients, Chaga is also anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory + anti-microbial. We do a both an alcohol + water extraction, which combined ensure that the maximum amount of medicinal properties are extracted


>> ELDERBERRY (Sambucus nigra) 

Elderberries are the dark purple fruit of the Elder tree (European) rich in antioxidants + vitamins. Research has found that it is a beneficial remedy for both influenzas A + B and it also reduces the duration + severity of cold + flu symptoms. Elderberry contains phytochemicals which are effective in stopping viruses from multiplying + can also mildly inhibit the flu virus as it’s about to infect a cell. Elderberry also helps promote a healthy immune response by increasing the number of cytokines, which can cause local + systemic inflammation; encouraging immune cells to the area to help clear infection. 


>> STAR ANISE (Illicium verum)

A star shaped fruit with a liquorice-like taste, used in Asian traditional medicines for centuries. With strong anti-viral, antibacterial + anti-fungal properties, it’s main compound is shikimic acid - which is a very powerful ingredient used in the swine flu medication Tamiflu. Star anise has the highest concentration of shikimic acid of all plants on earth and is also a good source of Vitamin A,C + B.





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