This beautiful 'Goddess Wheel of the Year' measures 9" (225mm).


It is designed so that the wheel can be turned to reveal the Goddess for each season. Each Goddess is depicted in intricate detail with Her totem animals and symbols. You can also see glimpses of the past and future through the cut-outs in the tree.


On the back there are words describing the qualities of the Goddess at each Sabbat.


"Hail Lady

Your presence

is constant

and ever-changing

In birth and harvest

In aging and dying

In and in between worlds and lives

As the wheel turns Your presence is

constant and ever-changing

Blessed Be"


These words are printed at the bottom of the tree.


The wheel is made of 400gm thick card, is laminated for protection and comes with a fold out stand.


Goddess wheels have both Northern and Southern hemisphere Sabbat dates

Goddess Wheel of the Year by Wendy Andrews


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