Gobbolino's Garden Tea by Tarn + Moon

Gobbolino's Garden Tea by Tarn + Moon


This blend is unique to us, based on a smokey Russian caravan tea, capturing Autumn's colours and tastes. Take a journey across the wild fields, as the sun sets golden on the last of the summers seeds and corn. Down to the bottom of the hill and under the heavy arches of trees, you walk along the little worn track. 


Following a black tail as it flicks in and out of the long brown grasses, you finally come to a worn out wooden gate, when you open it you step into a garden that is full of sunsets deep light and curling fire smoke. There, Gobbolino, the little witch's cat waits for you, this is his little cave garden where he lives with his witch.


You tread crisp leaves past the the wild rosehip bushes and bright orange flowers, 

the spice of All hallows’ eve is carried on the soft wind mixed with the scent of the witches smokey oven as she preserves her grown treasures for the cold winter months ahead. The witch has her kettle on over the crackling fire and Gobbolino has invited you in for a cosy fireside Autumnal brew. 


Organic Ingredients ~ Black Fire Smoked Hill Cardamom, Lemon Bee Brush, Pink Berry Peppercorns,  Pot Marigold Flowers, Rooibos, Turmeric Root + Real Cinnamon Bark.