Personal Power Necklace

Personal Power Necklace


Red Garnet, Turquoise & Apatite Necklace with Viking Runes Pendant by Hummingbird Jewellery

This is a manifesting necklace to support the creation and fruition of a vision or goal to ultimate success and completion. I've used a power balance of crystals to elevate and purify energy and enhance self belief and self confidence; with a sprinkle of inspiration.  

The primary stone in this necklace is Red Garnet; a crystal of power and empowerment. A high energy stone; it brings out one's innate inner confidence with grounding and passion. Red Garnet also brings devotion and commitment to a cause or purpose. I've added in beautiful Tibetan Turquoise for energy cleansing and purifying and Apatite for inspiration and as a reminder to be generous with our gifts. 

There are four Runes of power at work here to take the wearer on a journey of abundance and fulfilment; Fehu, Wunjo, Sowilo and Dagaz. These Runes working together bring good fortune, harmony, abundance, wealth earned rather than gifted, achieved goals, success, certainty, awakening and awareness. Quite the potent combination!

The total length of the necklace from end to end measures 44 cm, with the soft Pewter pendant measuring 4cm long by 1cm wide. All fixtures and fittings are made from Sterling Silver.

Metaphysical Properties: Manifestation; Breakthrough; Self Confidence; Good Fortune; Abundance; Success: 

Hand made with love and care in West Cork, Ireland in October 2020

*A Word About Gift Wrapping*

I carefully gift wrap each order before I send it out. Each piece of jewellery is first placed into a velvet bag or gift box containing a personalised hand written small card addressed to the recipient. This I then wrap in tissue paper, tied together with a pretty ribbon or cord, and will often include a sprig of dried flowers or a small piece of West Cork Sea Glass.Even if you’re buying for yourself… how nice is it to receive a beautifully wrapped gift!

All gift wrapping is included in the price :)