Elen of the Ways Altar Card - By NomeArt

Elen of the Ways Altar Card - By NomeArt


A5 Giclee Printed Altar Card on Watercolour Paper by Nomeart


Altar cards are perfect for focussing the energy of your altar or sacred space by dedicating it to your chosen Goddess or God.


Elen or Ellen of the Ways, antlered goddess of the Wild Hunt. Goddess of sacred spring, of old track ways and of the Labyrinth. She completes the feminine aspect to the Horned God in balance, male and female in harmony. She has dominion over the animal realms, fae mother and priestess illuminator of the sacred paths. She has walked veiled from man for centuries mentioned in the tales of the Mabinogion. 


Sometimes referred to as the Green Lady; revealing herself in this time her message to mankind, to return to the old track ways and run once more as part of the Wild Hunt, so mankind can remember its place in this world and bring balance once more.

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