Eagle Athamé

Eagle Athamé


A slender black handled Athame, featuring an eagle with its wings spread on the guard and eagle feathers on the hilt. It comes with a sleek metal scabbard featuring eagle designs at the tip and the base.


The Athame measures 32cm from the tip of the blade to the end of the handle, and 8cm across the widest part of the guard.


~ A word about Athames ~

An Athame or ritual dagger is not intended as a weapon, but has a purely symbolic function. It s never to be used to cut on the physical plane but its use is to direct the flow of magickal energy. 


An Athame symbolises the element air and is used to demarcate a sacred place by drawing a circle with it. Its place is in the east on the altar and it represents the intellect or spiritual power. With the ritual dagger the guardians of the east are invoked by the power of thought.


An Athame also represents the god, or the male; while the chalice or cauldron represents the goddess and the feminine.