Black Onyx & Larvikite Serpent Necklace

Black Onyx & Larvikite Serpent Necklace


Black Onyx and Larvikite Necklace with Serpent Pendant by Hummingbird Jewellery


I love the sinuous curves of this Serpent pendant which almost looks as though it's about to slither up the beads of the necklace. Serpents represent our base instincts of survival, an umbilical cord connecting us to our Mother Earth; as well as the cycles of life, death and rebirth. A potent and ancient symbol. For this necklace I have paired the serpent with a balance of Black Onyx and Larkivite crystal beads which add a solid feeling of continuity, clarity and patience. 


Black Onyx is stone of stamina and steadfastness; it supports you in getting the job done and seeing it though to the end. Wearing Black Onyx is like strapping on a pair of tough, comfortable, reliable walking boots. When you're walking your path, this is exactly what you need. This stone is also very good at absorbing from the universe the energy that is required at any given time. 


Larkivite has similar properties to Labradorite but is steadier and more grounding. It provides insights and flashes of inspiration into new ideas and paths, but adds rational thought and focus to the mix. Larkivite works well with Black Onyx in that it teaches patience and supports the process of achieving goals with a balance of steady steps and inspired choices.


The total length of the necklace from end to end measures 46 cm, with the pendant measuring 5cm long. All fixtures and fittings are made from Sterling Silver.


Metaphysical Properties: Steadfastness; Protection; Grounding; Inspiration; Patience


Hand made with love and care in West Cork, Ireland in June 2020



*A Word About Gift Wrapping*


I carefully gift wrap each order before I send it out. Each piece of jewellery is first placed into a velvet bag or gift box containing a personalised hand written small card addressed to the recipient. This I then wrap in tissue paper, tied together with a pretty ribbon or cord, and will often include a sprig of dried flowers or a small piece of West Cork Sea Glass.


Even if you’re buying for yourself… how nice is it to receive a beautifully wrapped gift! 


All gift wrapping is included in the price :)