Bel Healing Oil

Bel Healing Oil


Bel Healing Oil by Warrior Botanicals


Simple and beautifully healing like summer sun, bel has only 5 ingredients ~ cold pressed olive oil that is sunshine infused in the folk herbalist tradition,  over two moon cycles with healing calendula, dandelion flower and oxeye daisy flowers.


Made in honour of ancient herb craft, inspired by tradition and crafted under the shining sun


Bottle contains 50ml


Apply to dry, sensitive skin and minor irritations such as bug bites, burns and grazes. Ensure skin is clean before applying to any irritations. Use as much as needed as often as needed, the simple ingredients will aid with healing and rejuvenation. During the darker months, or for those with very dry skin, Bel can be used daily alongside balms and cleansers for a gentle glow.


~ Warrior botanicals products are handcrafted in small batches using the purest herbs, flowers, herbs, extracts, essences oils and butters. Our potions are inspired by traditional herbalism and ancient folk remedies and everything that we make is organic and free of preservatives, synthetic fragrances, artificial colours, parabens and sulfates. Each batch may vary in colour and texture, which is the nature of small batch products made with wild ingredients. ~