Altar of The Ancestors

Altar of The Ancestors


Unique bespoke magickal wooden art by Craig Ozric Sacred Wood Crafts


This altar is made from the magical fae tree, the Alder; a beautiful tree which heals both the soil and the soul.


The standing stones represent the past; and the antlers create a doorway to connect us to our ancestors or our ancestral path. As soon as you place your hand within the altar you can feel the pull that will take you to deeper connection within your journey.


The spiral symbolises our link to the cosmos; the beginning to the end; from the greatest to the smallest. Our life path spirals in similar patterns which can build a bridge to link us to our personal ancestral lineage.


The altar measures: 480mm at its widest point by 400mm at its deepest point. The altar stand 120mm high on hand forged steel legs.

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